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Saturday 2 January 2016


Feel free to contact us at:

Lady Sara's Book Service
33 Cluain Aoibhinn
Co. Mayo

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Friday 1 January 2016


The DD Magazine
 offers honest, independent editorial 
 reviews of books submitted to their 
Book Club Members.

This Offer 
Consists of 2 Parts:

1st.  Your Book Will Be Added To Their
Reading List

2nd. 10 to 20 Days Later 
An Honest Review* Will Be Posted On 

 Wild Atlantic Book Club 

Also Posted On
 Goodreads , Amazon 

*In compliance with FTC guidelines, reviewers will acknowledge that books were received free of charge.

2 Conditions
1st. Book must the published in the past 12 months.
2nd. Book & Cover must be on Goodreads & Amazon.

So if you like the sound of this, 
Just send us a copy of your book to:

Lady Sara's Book Service
33 Cluain Aoibhinn

Sign Your Book & I'll Send
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Q. How can this help me with my book?
A. We use our Book Club, Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, Goodreads, Amazon etc to spread the word about your book.

Q. What genres do you accept?
A. We accept all genres except - Cookbooks or Religious Propaganda.

Q. Why is promoting on social media important?
A. Today everyone is using social media and we can help manage your book's online reputation. Every author needs marketing support for their title & getting your book heard of and widely available is the key to any successful book.

Q. Do I have to pay for a review?
A. No. We do not require payment for  reviews. All you have to do is send us your new book :)

Q. So all you want is a book!
A. Yes, all we are looking for is new books - We use books as part of our reading groups. Books must have been published in the past 12 months and in excellent condition. 

Q. This sounds brilliant! What do I do next?
A. Just send us a physical copy (Hardback or Paperback/Softcover) of your book. 

Q. Where do I send my book to?
A. You can be sent to:

Lady Sara's Book Service 
33 Cluain Aoibhinn
County Mayo

*Helpful Tip   *It may be economical to send your book from   or

Q. How soon can I get a review?
A. Our book club meets weekly so on average a member may post a review 7-10 days after your book arrives. In compliance with FTC guidelines, our book club members are encouraged but not required to review books. Authors - be sure your book cover is up on Goodreads & Amazon. 

Q. Where do I see feedback about your service?
A. See our Testimonials and at our bookstore HERE

Q. Where is the fine print?
A. You just read it :)



"Sara is wonderful at promoting books, both on Goodreads and Twitter! I discovered her on Goodreads, and would love to work with her again. I would recommend her service to any other author looking for a book promoter"

Mary Rowen  Author of " Living By Ear "

"Sara Knight's book promotion services are fantastic! She helped me promote my novel on Facebook, Twitter and on her website. A obvious book-lover, Sara's services are invaluable to the new author looking to improve their online profile."

Sheena Lambert   Author of "Alberta Clipper"

"Thank you so much Sara for taking your time to read and review my novel, The Great Empty. You were so kind and considerate, and then promoted my work even further on Twitter. I would highly recommend your service to other authors. Thanks again!"

Anita Melillo  Author of " The Great Empty"

"Sara provides an invaluable resource to help boost sales for authors with an effective social media book promotion and review combo. She responded to my questions in a fast and friendly manner, and promoted my book on a productive schedule. All I had to do was send her a copy of my book! I would definitely recommend her services for any author."

Peter Laurent   Author of "The Covert Academy"

"I discovered Sara and Patrick on Goodreads. They are enthused readers who will read your book and deliver what they promise. They're true readers, so don't expect a 5-star. Their comments and the things they notice in their reviews shows the reader behind the word, and good readers deserve good books, thus give them your best effort and you'll be rewarded (and maybe gain two fans)."

Massimo Marino   Author of "Daimones"

"These folk (and I'm not convinced they aren't faerie folk!) were wonderful for me as a new writer. For merely sending them my book, they magically wrote fearless and insightful reviews, which I not only loved, but were good enough to use as blurbs on my cover. You can't go wrong with honest, heartfelt reviews and tireless social media promotion, I just can't praise them enough!"
John Gregory Hancock   Author of "A Plague of Dreams"

"I highly recommend Sara's service to any writer looking for an honest review and hoping to expand their readership. I sent her my book and as promised, she reviewed and promoted it in a timely manner. First rate."

Kathy Cohen  Author of "Bullwhacked"



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