Friday, 1 January 2016


'Know Your Author' 

Do enough readers know about you? 
If not, why not?

Would you like to change that? 
If so, we have the place for you!

'Know Your Author' 
A new Monthly Feature for authors to showcase themselves as a person and not just a writing machine.

The 9 Benefits Include:
1) Monthly Featured Post: "Know Your Author"
2) The Pinned Post & Cover Photo on the Fb Page: "Know Your Author"
3) The Pinned Post & Cover Photo in the FB Group: "Know Your Author"
4) The Cover Photo on the FB Page: "IndyAuthors"
5) A special interview at: "The Thursday Interview"
6) Cover Photo & Pinned Post in the Twitter Account: "Know_YourAuthor"
7)  Pinned to the Pinterest Board: KYA
8 Posted on Instagram to: KYA
9) And finally as a limited Post in the Monthly Google+ Collection: "Know Your Author"


Sad to say, not every author can be featured as there is only one space per month. So to be considered, simply apply through our new blog HERE.

If you are selected there are 5 things we require from you:

1) A Quality pic & your Author links from Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook & Twitter.

2) A Quote from your book to be used on the Cover Photos. e.g HERE

3) A Quirky fact about yourself.

4) Your answers to these three questions.
Your Journey as an Author…?
What reading means to you…?
Whats next for you…?
(each answer between 70 & 200 words)

5) Finally, your answers to the ten Question over at The Thursday Interview.
Numbers 1,2,3 & 4 can be emailed to me at
 the-lovely-sara |at|

Number 5 can be sent to The Thursday Interview Blog HERE