Saturday, 2 January 2016


Why not submit your book to be featured as "Editors Choice"

Over at The DD Magazine they choose one book to be featured as the Editor's Choice for a full month.

DD's Editor's Choice Program points readers to a selection of hand-picked books created by authors with a passion for writing.

A book selected for an Editor's Choice is one that the Editor and Associate Editor(s) feel meets the highest standards in regards to plot, presentation, and impact (in respect to new authors).

Books must be original works of fiction. Each title to be considered must have at least three positive reviews from reputable reviewing sources.

The chosen book will be featured on:


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Available Dates:

Starting from January you can submit your book through our new site: HERE
1) Books must have an Amazon rating of 4 stars or greater with a minimum of 5 reviews.

2) Books accepted: Fiction and non-fiction.

3) Books not accepted: Novellas, cookbooks, children's, short stories, boxed sets or novels of an extreme sexual nature.

4) Dates are reserved on a first-come basis. You can request up to 2 different months to be considered in the form above.

5) If your book is chosen, a preferred month will be reserved. You will be notified via email of your month, and an administration fee of €19.99 (subject to change) will be sent to your PayPal email address. Payment is due within 48 hours.

6) This feature starts on the first of the month at 9:00am GMT and runs until 11pm GMT on the last day of the month.