Friday, 1 January 2016


For 2016 We Offer a High Class Service to Promote Your Book.

A month long period where you will be featured throughout all our social media channels. This exclusive deal includes an on-line promotion through Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus etc with posts, , interview and entry into our Award Program. A comprehensive program that get your book noticed and increase your sales.

Below is a Day by Day account of the service provided.

Day 1 -  Tweet your work on  Must Read Novels
Day 2 -  Tweet the sale of your book from Amazon to World_Books
Day 3 -  Tweet the sale of your book from Amazon to Authors
Day 4 -  Book cover is posted to the Twitter feed - Great_Books 

Day 5 = As day 1.  Day 6 = As day 2.
Day 7 = As day 3.  Day 8 = As day 1.

Day 9 -  Post your work from your Website to Twitter - Great_Books 

Day 10 - Your book will be given to our reading club. If a club member chooses to post a review* it will be posted on our Blog, Google+, Goodreads & Amazon. 

Day 11 =  As day 2.  Day 12 = As day 3.
Day 13 =  As day 1.  Day 14 = As day 2.

Day 15 - Your Facebook page (or web page) tweeted by Great_Books 
Day 16 -  As day 3.

Day 17The Thursday Interview **
Also posted on The Drunken Druid
And listed on Google+

Day 18 = As day 3.  Day 19 = As day 1.
Day 20 = As day 2.  Day 21 = As day 3.

Day 22 -  Your  trailer on YouTube***  tweeted by Great_Books 
Day 23 -  As day 4

Day 24Your book will be given to our reading club. If a club member chooses to post a review* it will be posted on our BlogGoogle+, Goodreads & Amazon.

Our club member's post 
will be posted on Facebook
 10 Times over a 4 month period @
The DD Magazine 

Day 25 = As day 1.  Day 26 = As day 2.
Day 27 = As day 3.  Day 28 = As day 1.
Day 29 = As day 2.  Day 30 = As day 3.

 The Drunken Druids Book Award
This Unique Service is Only 

50 Euro (45 GBP or 55 US Dollars
Plus a copy of your work. 

Gift your ebook via Amazon to: 
dd-books @
Or mail your book to:

DD Books
c/o Patrick Feerick
33 Cluain Aoibhinn


Terms & Conditions

1. Tweets, Google+ and Facebook posts are posted 8pm - 5am pm London time.
2. Book must be up on Goodreads & Amazon and have been published in the past 24 months. 
3. This offer will begin 6-10 days after payment.
4. All posts are final and dates of posts may vary.
5. *We do not guarantee a review as our book club members are under no pressure to give or post reviews. Authors really value the opinion of others, so after receiving and reading your work an honest review may be given. A critical opinion is important and can be beneficial to your work. Two independent reviews may be given as part of this promotion. Our book club is made up of many members so reviews (if posted) are non-negotiable.
6. **Full details for  The-Thursday-Interview  can be found by Clicking Here
7. ***If we like your YouTube trailer we will "Like it" & subscribe to your channel. If you don't have a trailer, an extra tweet from World_Books will be given